Creating sustainable living for everyone. Creating sustainable living for everyone.

We enable tomorrow’s cities with timber-hybrid buildings and a new standard for smart living.

GROPYUS sustainable buildings for tomorrow
Living with GROPYUS

Building for the future

At GROPYUS, we promote healthier, happier, and exciting living through innovative construction. Our houses combine craftsmanship of today with scalable technologies of tomorrow.

Our approach

Conscious and economical building


With a focus on design for manufacturing and regenerative material usage, we unite viability with ethical desirability. Our first housing prototype already achieves the highest standards in multiple European certification and rating programs.

Conscious and economical building

Quality living for everyone


Our use of natural materials and automated manufacturing technology keeps production costs low and quality high. We put our residents’ well-being at the core of our buildings, creating healthy living spaces that are accessible to all.

Quality living for everyone – Interior

A delightfully connected experience


Our buildings unite the best of design, comfort, and functionality. Every detail in and around our residents’ homes is carefully crafted to foster community and convenience through joyful, seamless interactions.

Design for manufacturing

We take ownership of the entire building process. Our production line is set to revolutionize the creation of sustainable houses.

Our product

Our customers are at the heart of what we do. Because the demands of our world are ever-changing, we take a meticulous yet agile approach to producing sustainable houses. Our buildings are designed with evolution and scalability in mind.

Industrialized production

Fully loaded elements and modules help us optimize transportation efficiency, while automation and robotics ensure maximum efficiency and increased scalability.

Integrated buildings

Our houses offer a fully connected and evolving smart home environment. Residents can use pre-installed amenities to customize their living experiences from day one.

Net-Zero operations

Our pioneering GROPYUS Operating System reduces the overall environmental footprint of every home we produce, transforming them into cradle-to-cradle optimized Net-Zero Energy buildings.