Modular robotic cells – Engineered to scale

GROPYUS Proprietary Manufacturing

Proprietary manufacturing

Our own robotic manufacturing capabilities allow for a maximum degree of flexibility and scalabilty at highly competitive cost.

Highly adaptable robotic cells

Robotic Cells

We group all necessary production operations into a set of robotic cells that are orchestrated by an integrated digital control layer to produce complete building elements. In constrast to traditional manufacturing lines this approach achieves the high level of flexibility and modularity needed to efficiently manufacture the variety of parts needed to create an unrivaled building product.

By focussing on robotic cells instead of traditional manufacturing lines we achieve a high level of flexibility and modularity.

Proprietary robotic heads and tools

Custom Tools

We develop many of our robotic tools in-house. The combination of off-the-shelf equipment with custom robotic heads leads to high adaptability, low cost, and quick product iterations.

Proprietary robotic heads and tools

From configuration straight into production

Orchestration by Software

With our in-house planning and manufacturing execution software we are able to push architectural design straight into production – without any steps in between.

From configuration straight into production

Manufacturing as a Platform


The modularisation of our robotic cells allows us to fast and flexibly scale our production capacities in terms of output and geography. Our micro-factories can be quickly built and operated cost efficiently.

Manufacturing as a Platform